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Mika (the brunet) & Mir (the blond) from Fairyland. Both are the same sculpt just with different default faceups and available a la carte~ :3
Ahh! They look so much like Switch sculpts! MSD-sized Switch sculpts~!! I have a need for them! >_<


Mika (the brunet) & Mir (the blond) from Fairyland. Both are the same sculpt just with different default faceups and available a la carte~ :3

Ahh! They look so much like Switch sculpts! MSD-sized Switch sculpts~!! I have a need for them! >_<

There&#8217;s a wig in that trash can&#8230;yep I&#8217;m back in savannah

There’s a wig in that trash can…yep I’m back in savannah

The human centipeep

The human centipeep

Chofi got me a pretty Easter basket aaaa&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3

Chofi got me a pretty Easter basket aaaa<3<3<3

I don’t know how to interact with children I wish they wouldn’t try to get my attention even if they’re super cute

well this has been the most disorienting and emotionally exhausting weekend of my life

Hi, you're majoring in CG animation right? (sorry new to your blog;;) just curious have you heard that Anna and Elsa's hair in Frozen had more strands than Rapunzels? I think thats amazing but also... unnecessary in a way? Does having more hair make it more realistic or something? I think its strange just because its not like Anna and Elsa's hair moved more than Rapunzels (I think Rapunzels hair looked better tbh). I just wanted to ask someone studying animation how they felt about it!Great blog

Oh man, hair and clothing in animation is a whoooole different kettle of fish. I’m an animator-slash-storyboard artist, so I’m just given the rigs and move them. The people responsible would be the modelers (the people who create the 3D characters) and the riggers (they program the character to bend and twist where a human should, kind of like a virtual action figure…but all of this programming is COMPLETELY beyond me;; )

So everything I’m about to say is from my very limited experiences with modeling and rigging…

Lots of times hair is controlled by dynamic constraints, which means that the hair is programmed to move accordingly with the movement of the character (so, if I as an animator made the character turn their head, the hair would do what hair naturally does automatically.)

But on some rigs (looks like Anna and Elsa are rigged this way) the animator can control the hair if it’s in chunks like ponytails or braids. So honestly it does seem a little unnecessary to add more strands considering the more blocky, cartoony style of Frozen as opposed to Tangled (Anna and Elsa were designed by Brittany Lee, and I’m pretty sure Glen Keane is responsible for Rapunzel’s.)

As far as I know,  Rapunzel’s hair was like…a whole separate deal. Like it was its own character or something.

To be honest I thought Tangled was more visually appealing than Frozen, which kind of looked…i dunno, a little cheap? Like a tinkerbell movie. So it definitely didn’t seem more realistic.. 

I imagine it was probably not something they purposefully did, but with the constantly evolving technology it probably just ended up that way.

I dunno man, technical and effects stuff will always remain a mystery to me, but i’m flattered that you asked!

my grandpa passed away because his lungs weren’t expelling Co2, so he hallucinated a lot toward the end.

today my mom told me that before he went into the hospital he started seeing things. she said he’d seen my grandmother out in the kitchen with a little girl, and the little girl was me.

Okay these photos are so fantastic and it’s not just because of those great Sonic the Hedgehog slippers—

This is me in my kindergarten Christmas gift exchange, where each kid had to bring in a little present and the teacher gave us a number and we would take the corresponding present.

And I got….a Barney puzzle. And I HATED Barney. And my mom, who took this picture knew it. She told me she was terrified that I was going to start crying and make the parent who bought it feel bad, but she said she was so proud of it because I said “thank you” and made this face.

And that is a face of suppressed disappointment, my friends.

So when I was probably…6-8 years old i had a little clubhouse under my grandparents laundry chute… I used to bring my friends there and we’d draw and stuff.

Anyway everyone forgot it was there so I went down to see if there was anything there and there were some pillows, pictures of cats all over the place and a box full of drawings by me and my friends/cousins

I have no idea what cat day was

But no one has touched anything in here for probably 18 years

I went out to the barn that my grandfather built for my horses to talk to him, because my mom told him when he was in the hospital that she’d talk to him there.

Since the horses moved to New York, my dad has been moving things around and storing things there and lots of things are different

So I went into the barn and fumbled around in the dark for the light switch and I eventually turned on my phone flashlight and I still couldn’t find it

So I said “papa I can’t find the light switch.” And in the back corner of my horses’ stall I heard a loud bang like something fell over and I almost jumped out of my skin;;;

I didn’t see anything that fell but I was like “uhhhh I’ll come back later!”

I like to believe it was him trying to scare me;;


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